Friday, 4 January 2013

4th January 2013

The eleventh day of Christmas is another without additional commemorations, an occasion simply to reflect on the meaning of God, so far above and beyond human comprehension, and at the same time within the intimate depths of ourselves, closer to us than we are to ourselves. In the both the infintely vast and in the infinitely tiny, God is present, yet can be completely un-noticed and disregarded by humans.

When God takes human nature and joins us on our journey through life in the person of Jesus, God comes in a way we can reckon with and understand. Jesus can still be un-noticed and disregarded, or turned into something which he is not in our interpretation of the reality of encounter with him, but to do so is a matter of choice which ultimately we are accountable for.

Jesus doesn't impose his existence on us, demand recognition. He invited us, by his actions and teaching to think about who he is and who we are, what our life is for and if it is worth living it well. As we learn to read existence from his perspective, to have 'the mind of Christ', we discover depths of reality richer and deeper than we may have thought possible. 

Even the greatest thinkers and searchers after truth, people capable of forging the highest ideals to live by, through their experience and through pure reasoning, find new light shed on their quest by coming to know Him. Reflecting on his story awakens a sense of his presence, and through his presence, a new sense of meaning to all existence.

This is the mystery of the life giving Word made flesh for our sakes.

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